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Cupping – It’s not just for athletes!

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of medicine that has made a comeback since the 2016 Olympic Games, where Michael Phelps was seen to have cupping marks on his back. However, cupping isn’t just for world class athletes. It can help release stubborn knots and tension, anything from the annoying cramp in your leg to the stiffness in your shoulder-blades.

When curious about cupping, the first question my customers ask is if they will get those round purple-ish marks.  My answer is “usually, no”. Those marks are typical of Static Cupping, a technique in which the cups are placed on the skin and not moved for several minutes. The marks resemble bruising as they are a result of blood being pulled into the area. Some clients may see some marks or redness the following day, but it is not common since I move the cups during treatment.

After warming the muscles and surrounding area, I slowly move the cups up and down the length of the muscle. The results can be amazing. With just one cupping massage clients feel a dramatic increase in their range of motion and a release in muscle tension.

As a massage nerd, I find cupping to be a very exciting treatment. The muscles and connective tissue are lifted by the cups, so the muscles don’t tense up as they would during a typical massage, thereby making cupping a more effective treatment for problem areas. It has the same benefits as a 2-hour deep tissue massage but in half the time, and with less pain!

If you are wondering if cupping will work for you but are still unsure, ask me about it before your massage. I can use one or two cups on a tense area so you can see how it feels.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.